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Learn how to low-code.

Create simpler and more powerful workflows by adding code to your no-code.

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Start your low-code journey today!

Build a multi-party payment system with Stripe Connect and Airtable scripts

Learn how to create a marketplace payment system with Stripe Connect, Airtable (and a little bit of automation in

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Webflow CMS Syncing Scripts

Learn how to sync your Webflow CMS with Airtable scripts. You will learn how to run scripts for multiple records, set up filters to control which records are included in the workflow and how to manage the most common errors when working with the Webflow CMS.

Learn moreComing soon

Wistia and Bannerbear Scripts

In this module, you'll learn how to automate your content creation workflow including how to automatically upload to a third party (Wistia) and auto-create assets like thumbnails (Bannerbear)!

Learn moreComing soon

Stripe Payment Links Scripts

Let's build an E-Commerce store! In this series, I am going to teach you how to build a fully automated E-Commerce store using Airtable Scripts and Stripe Payment Links.

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Getting started with low-code

Learn the basics of low-code including how to call APIs, reading documentation and using Postman to test APIs. Taught by Aron Korenblit.

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Turn Airtable into your Webflow CMS using Airtable Scripts

Learn how to create, update and delete Webflow CMS items using Airtable Scripts and the Webflow API

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Why low-code?

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Reduce complexity

Tired of using 5+ tools for your workflow? By leveraging code in your no-code tools, you can manage fewer tools.

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Save time

Copy paste pre-built snippets from our library instead of learning yet another tool.

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Save money

Tools like Webflow, Airtable and Zapier offer the option to add code free of additional charge.

Learn to script or simply copy and pasta

We have pre-written all scripts for you so that you can simple copy and paste it into your code editor. If you are in a rush or don't really want to learn how to write scripts, you will be able to get started in minutes.

Learn practical use cases

We show you how we wrote scripts that we use on our own business every single day. These are not theoretical coding concepts where you learn how to write "Hello world!" - you will learn how to write scripts that will have an immediate impact on your business.

Collaborate with other low-coders

Connect with other no-coders/low-coders and learn and go even deeper! Code meets no-code is not just about copying and pasting code snippets. We want to connect with other like-minded low-coders currently learning how to build amazing workflows.

Join our community of low-coders & no-coders

"Code Meets No-Code has been a great resource for networking for me. I have met a number of, now, collaborators, and been able to learn and share knowledge with other members. Aron and Connor are great instructors too, the videos are concise and easily digestible. Highly recommended for anyone interested in automation and no-code!"

Martin Kravchenko

"Aron and Connor are true innovators in the low code space, and their community is like a a masters degree for No-Coders wishing to level up and transform into Low-Coders!"

Jamie Kane
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Who we are...

Aron and Connor are the duo between We have been working in the no-code space for years: Aron is part of Airtable's education team, and Connor is a low-code marketplace expert.

We are both seasoned course creators having taught thousands through on-demand courses and our respective Youtube channels (10K+ subscribers).

In 2022, we decided to join forces to teach no-coders how to leverage code in their workflows to become workflow magicians. That is how code meets no-code was born. We hope you'll join us and others low coders on this journey!

Take your no-code game to the next level!

We are just putting some finishing touches on our videos and code snippets. If you want to be notified as soon as we are launch, join the waitlist.

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