Stripe Payment Links API Scripts

Let's build an E-Commerce store! In this series, I am going to teach you how to build a fully automated E-Commerce store using Airtable Scripts and Stripe Payment Links.


01 - Introduction


02 - Outlining the script


03 - Setting up our button trigger


04 - If Else Statements and working variables


05 - Create a new product in Stripe


06 - Testing Stripe API calls


07 - Creating a new product in Airtable


08 - Creating a new price in Stripe


09 - Generate a payment link for your price


10 - Update your Airtable Price with your Stripe Payment Link


11 - Write the IF statement section


12 - Testing our script and cleaning up our store


13 - Capturing Payments in Airtable


Build an e-commerce store in your favourite website builder

Want to start an E-Commerce store in Webflow, Airtable or any other website builder? Stripe payment links will allow you to do just that. Use our script to generate Payment links as soon as you add a new product to your store.

Unlock the power of Stripe

Stripe is one of the best platforms for processing their platforms. Unlock the power of Stripe by learning how to use the Stripe API with our Airtable E-commerce scripts. Besides generating payment links, you learn how to process payments, create products and plenty more.

A great alternative to third-party automation tools

If you are already using Airtable then you may as well take advantage of their in-built automation and scripting apps. Besides being able to set up more flexible workflows, you will also be able to save on the costs of a third-party automation tool

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